As for a web sites, you can analyze your image, your Packaging , your … the same way!

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The Customer funnel tells you a lot, even how to find shortcuts

  1. If prior to your image research you’re running some customer funnel questions you can then understand why you’re losing people from « trial to repurchase » or from « repurchase to loyalty », …
  2. Just isolate the people you’re losing and analyze their motivations to buy and their perception of the different brands on the market.
  3. You’ll see straight away where you fail and what to correct, OR maybe there is a way to drive people from TRIAL directly to LOYALTY !

Read the interesting paper from on:

How to Make Buying from Your Website Inevitable

« Your web analytics can tell you where in your sales funnel (conversion path) people are dropping out.
It shows you where to focus your attention.
The typical conversion optimization can help you plug some of those leaks. It’s a great tool… »

« For example, let’s say you have an ecommerce site. You’ve noticed that people who end up on category pages rarely move any closer to buying.
Sure, you should look at how to improve your category pages since they’re an important part of most ecommerce sites.
BUT you also could find a way to direct visitors straight to individual product pages. »

discover what H&M and Amazon did…